Kyle Skidmore Beefalo Farm

                                 Rates and Services

       Please contact Kyle at 502-641-7878 or e -mail him at  for pricing and availability of cattle.           Semen is now available from KSBC Caveman.  CaveMan is a Five -Time National Grand Champion Beefalo bull


I can facilitate any needs you may have that are Beefalo related.  This could be from finding you a herd bull to buying or leasing, to finding you a single heifer or up to a load of heifers.  There is semen available on CaveMan at this time. I have several other bulls that could easily be collected, but I need to have 100 straws ordered on a single bull before I will take them to be collected. This could be from several different individuals that are interested in the same bull. I will take orders until there is enough interest to make the run.

  I also sale USDA meat and meat steers. I do take orders. Sometimes I have some on hand and sometimes I don't. Because of the high demand for the meat, the supply for Beefalo meat and meat steers may be lower sometimes and take a couple of months to fill a meat order or order for steers.    I do usually have at least a few replacement heifers on hand though.
  When I price animals, that is the price for that date. I will usually honor that price for 2-3weeks after pricing while the details are being worked out. The price goes up as time goes on after that. If it takes 2-3months to work the details out, then expect the price of the cattle to be higher. If the animal is in my possession, then it is being feed well and will have gained weight and increased in value.