Kyle Skidmore Beefalo Farm


BTNB Twister AKA "Big Nasty"
Full Blood Beefalo Bull 37.5% Bison
Born 9-15-2008


Twister - additional photo

KSBC Sir Loin

KSBC Sir Loin
DOB 3-19-08
Status-Herd bull (extremely gentle and passes the traits on to his calves, very good milking traits as well)


JDHW Malone

JDHW Malone
DOB 1-15-02
36.03% beefalo
Extremely large bull. He stands 5'1" to his shoulder. Weighs over 2,200lbs and puts a lot of size on a herd. Easy calving and very easy going.   Sell Price $ 2500
status- Herd Bull ( semen available in the future)


Malone  - additional photo

KSBC Cave Man

KSBC CaveMan
DOB 4-8-05
5 time National Grand Champion Beefalo Beefalo Bull. 1 time Reserve Grand Champion Bull
Easy going and gentle. Large frame. Easy calving. He keeps is weight easily at around 2,000lbs on just hay and grass, with the basic mineral supplements.
Semen Available now


FPF Bourbon

FPF Bourbon
DOB 3-03-09                          Fullblood Beefalo bull          Status-Herd Bull
Semen available in the future

 2014 National Grand Champion Beefalo Bull




FBF Toby

FBF Toby
DOB 4-18-07
37.06%bison (purebred beefalo)
2008 National Grand Champion Beefalo Bull and 2009 Reserve Grand Champion
Status- Herd Bull (semen available in the future)


$2500 - SOLD


FPF Cloud

FPF Cloud
Full Blood Beefalo (37.5% bison)
DOB 3-19-2010
This bull is extremely gentle. He has been on several Red Angus heifers and has had NO calving problems. Easy calving and excellent weaning weights considering the calves were born to heifers and in a drought.
Semen available soon.

$2750   -   SOLD