Kyle Skidmore Beefalo Farm

                            Kyle Skidmore Beefalo Farm

         3681 Cedar Grove Road       

  Shepherdsville, KY  40165

              Directions: Exit 116 off I-65 - go 3 miles East on Hwy. 480 (Cedar Grove)

From Kyle:

  I have been raising Beefalo since 1991 and showing Beefalo since 1992. I strive to improve my    herd every year with the quality of animals being produced. I work towards raising Beefalo that are 1. Gentle 2. Good producers (both steers that gain weight and cows that put out good calves) 3. Easy calving and Hardy traits. Those are just 3 of the main goals I have, there are many more.

  Kyle Skidmore Beefalo has sold breeding stock to many different states through out the U.S.
States include, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia, and Utah. My goal is to include all 48 continuous states in this list in the future.

  I (Kyle) am highly involved in the American Beefalo Association. After the merger in 2008 of the American Beefalo World Registry and the American Beefalo International to form the now American Beefalo Association (ABA), I was part of the merged Board of Directors and was elected to serve as the Vice President of the ABA. In August of 2010, I was then Elected to serve as President of the ABA.   Then  in 2012 after my two one-year terms were up, I was elected to the Vice President's position. All of that to say this, I have a passion for the Beefalo breed and believe strongly in the product that Beefalo, both the meat and the cows, which are hardy and easily kept. It's not going to happen over night, but I believe that Beefalo has the potential to be a house-hold name such as Angus.